Privacy Policy

We're moving into the digital age, which means we do collect data. The following information will help you understand what data we're collecting, why we're collecting it and how it's being used. If you have questions, let us know.

What information we're collecting

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What services we use to build and operate this site

While some of our work is completely custom code, we rely on various modern web services to create this site and provide the services you experience every day. Below are a list of the services we use to build this site:


We'll definitely be plugging into these (maybe not Facebook) in order to automate some of our systems. Just check into the services and see if you can get more familiar with them/how you might integrate them with services like Webflow/Zapier, as listed below.
โ€Google Cal

Google Sheets

(potentially for customer loyalty program/auto check-in at shop)

Web Services

The following services are used to enhance our ability to perform our job without having to do everything manually
โ€WebflowWebsite application built software, CMS for all site content
An enhanced version of Excel, much more powerfulย 
Words about Zapier
A tool to make understanding numbers in digital format much easier
For logic tree form collection and service intake

Payment Processors

We use the following payment processors to help improve your customer experience and to help make our bookkeeping easier.


What we do with your data

Your Rights

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Contact Us

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