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Founded in 2002, Gateway Auto is a family-owned business defined by its relationships to its loyal employees, customers, and suppliers. Together, these people make up our Gateway Auto family, the reason we exist today.

We see our work as an opportunity to protect and enhance your freedom of mobility through honest, value-based automotive care. While others sell service, we help you make the decision that’s right for your life. That's why our average customer has been returning for nearly a decade.

Schedule your appointment today and see why we tell everyone we're “Driven by people.”  We promise, you'll never leave.

Words We Live By



Our story begins in the mid-‘90s, when Omaha native Ben Toscano started buying and selling cars as a hobby. For Ben, it was never about the money. He immediately fell in love with the industry that let him use his honesty and interpersonal skills.

Soon, word spread about Ben’s side project, and his friends started asking for repairs. Ben’s wife, Sandy, saw potential in the business and committed her keen management skills to the budding business. In 2002, the Toscanos opened shop and Gateway Auto was born.

The couple’s success in starting and continuing the successful business can be attributed to their passion – the first pillar of Gateway Auto.



The two knew that in order to have a successful company, they needed a knowledgable and experienced staff. So they brought in employees they could trust, close friends who were experts in the business.

With these seasoned mechanics leading the shop, the fledgling business acted like a seasoned veteran in the industry.

The caliber of their work naturally attracted other local talent, and the Gateway Auto family soon grew, adding more and more years of personal experience – the company’s second pillar.The couple’s success in starting and continuing the successful business can be attributed to their passion – the first pillar of Gateway Auto.



Through quality ownership and quality employees comes quality work. Gateway’s third pillar shines through the work it’s able to provide customers. It took only 9 years after its grand opening before Gateway expanded and built a service shop to help its customers even further. Today, Gateway is always looking for ways to grow with purpose: a larger facility means we can provide more to the city and people we love.



Unlike big shops, we know our customers aren't just numbers. Our customers are moms shuffling kids back and forth between soccer games and ballet rehearsals. They're businesspeople who need a reliable car to get them to an important conference call. They're college kids who just discovered newfound freedom in a set of keys. They’re the doers of the world, the kind of people who take charge in their life, and we at Gateway Auto do our best to show respect – our fourth pillar – to our customers.

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