Meet Gateway Auto
December 13, 2021

Gateway Auto's New Second Location in Omaha

Gateway Auto is excited to announce that we are launching our very first Car Sales Center and have moved all of our car sales operations from Harrison and Center to 108th & L.

Omaha Used Car Dealer

If you’ve driven past 108th & L recently, you might have noticed a new Gateway Auto Sales sign. Gateway Auto is excited to announce that we are launching our very first Car Sales Center and moving all of our car sales operations from Harrison and Center to 108th & L by the end of 2021.

If you’ve been to our 109th & Harrison location this past year, you’ve probably noticed that we are more than out of parking space. We are humbled by our amazing customers for keeping that parking lot full, but to serve you all even better, the time has come to give the car sales the room it has always deserved!

What’s even more exciting about our new car sales center?

- Up to 100 cars can fit at this location, giving you more options than ever to find the vehicle you want the same day

- We’ve grown our team, and that means an additional 7 hours of open time, allowing later weekday hours and longer weekend hours to those who need the flexibility

- Hablamos Español - by speaking more languages, we can serve our community further

- Certified Ceramic Coatings - your new car can now be professionally coated for the ultimate showroom shine

- More financing options and credit acceptance

The office cats, Barney and Carl, are staying at our 109th and Harrison Service & Collision Center, so make sure to still stop by and say hi!

Our team has been hard at work to get everything up and running. We are beyond grateful for the opportunity to start this new chapter of bringing high-quality cars to even more of Omaha and beyond. Our brand new 108th and L location is finally open and ready to help you find your next used car in omaha.

Fully inspected, clean title, and turn-key ready cars, SUVs, work vans or trucks! No hidden fees, sales pressure, or any of the extras. Car buying made easy right here in the midwest.

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Omaha Used Car Dealer
Meet Gateway Auto

Gateway Auto's New Second Location in Omaha

Gateway Auto is excited to announce that we are launching our very first Car Sales Center and have moved all of our car sales operations from Harrison and Center to 108th & L.
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