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August 11, 2021

Why Is Preventive Auto Maintenance Important?

How often do you take your car to a mechanic for a check-up? Most car owners believe that driving their car until it breaks down gives them value for their money, as they don't pay until it's necessary. This post breaks down that myth.

How often do you take your car to a mechanic for preventive car maintenance? Most car owners believe that using their car until it breaks down gives them value for their money. However, preventive car care is the ultimate way to get the most of your car.

It is important to seek preventive auto maintenance to benefit you and your car in the long run. Maintenance practices are an investment that ensures optimal performance of your car and its convenience.

Below are reasons why preventive auto maintenance in Nebraska and beyond is important.

1. You Save a Lot of Time and Effort

Regularly taking your car for maintenance servicing prevents other bigger and riskier issues from cropping up. Often, the minor issues you ignore continue building up to become a major issue which can mean not driving the car for days as it gets resolved.

Time and effort are essential resources as you get busy by day hurrying to work and ticking off things on your to-do list.

The inconvenience of a car breaking down and being unable to operate can significantly strain your daily routine and cost you more by losing your freedom of mobility.

Therefore, consider finding a reliable automotive service center for routine car maintenance. It will ensure you don't have car problems in the future; thus, saving you time and effort.

2. It Saves You Money

Most car owners wait to take their car in for servicing, thinking it costs too much and the car is working fine. However, maintenance costs way less than buying the actual car parts to replace the damaged ones.

Therefore, by choosing to seek regular maintenance for your vehicle, you will be spending less to prevent major issues from happening. Neglecting it will be costly in the long run as it will come with extremely high expenses.

3. Through Maintenance, You Can Avoid Serious Damage

Did you know that most serious damages to a car result from the owner’s negligence? Car repairs such as engine failure can be easily avoided by maintenance and good upkeep. 

For example, changing the engine oil is crucial since it prevents metal shavings from entering the engine and causing more damage. Simply changing the car fluids can go a long way in preventing more severe damage.

Ignoring these simple practices can result in the car malfunctioning or stress the engine, resulting in engine failure.

4. It Improves the Mileage

When buying a car, you always choose one that offers value for the money. Fortunately, taking good care of your car increases value for your money as it helps improve its mileage. A well-maintained and tuned car wastes less fuel since it is running efficiently.

Ignoring preventive maintenance practices such as changing the engine air filters or replacing the motor oil negatively affects your performance and wear.

The mileage will reduce, and the engine will begin to degrade. This means you may be at the pump more often.

You can easily avoid incurring extra expenses for gas by scheduling car maintenance. If you have an electric car, this doesn't necessarily apply to you, but for all hybrid and gas models, maintenance practices ensure the vehicle is functioning optimally and it doesn't struggle to perform essential functions.

5. It Enhances Durability

Like everything else, cars have a life. Therefore, if you take good care of your car, it will function efficiently for longer. The more you take care of your car by regularly servicing it, the more service it will offer without giving up as much on the way.

According to consumer reports, a car has an average life expectancy of 8 years or roughly 150,000 miles. However, depending on the car, some can exceed this limit. Either way, you can never get to enjoy the best value of your car if you neglect it. Ensure you follow through with the preventive maintenance appointments. 

6. You Enjoy Peace of Mind

How confident would you feel driving your car knowing it will never let you down outside of what we can't control? Peace of mind is a significant advantage you can enjoy with preventive auto maintenance. 

Driving a properly maintained car that receives proper care often gives you the confidence you need when driving, especially on road trips during these hot summers. It also guarantees your safety, and you are sure it will not give up on you midway. 

8. It Promotes Safety

Following routine car maintenance reduces the chances of your car breaking down. Thus, it enhances your safety as you drive. During checkup routines, mechanics like ours in Nebraska and Omaha will check your car systems extensively.

Any current and anticipated problems are noted and allow you to fix them before that long drive you might have coming up, versus paying more once you are stranded footing a tow bill to start. 

It also keeps other drivers safe. Even if an ignored low tire blows out as you drive, it could result in a collision that could have been avoided by maintenance and having someone spend the 15 minutes or less to check your pressure and adjust them for you.

9. It Reduces the Chance of Your Car Breaking Down

Surprises will always be fun until your car surprises you by breaking down in the middle of the road, especially at night. Without regularly servicing your car, you risk a more unknown breakdown.

As a car owner, it is your duty as a responsible civilian to always drive a roadworthy and well-maintained car so that you do not put others in danger along with yourself on the road.

In Conclusion

Buying a car is a significant financial investment. Other than making monthly payments, you also need to pay for insurance and gas. Never underestimate the power of preventive maintenance for the safety and optimal performance of your car. Regularly having an expert inspect and maintain your vehicle will improve the safety of your car and its durability. 

Preventive auto maintenance is also a good way to save on repairs and can improve fuel costs. It also enhances road safety and prevents your car from breaking down while it is in use. We recommend following up with your preventive maintenance appointments to enjoy the reasons above.

If you're looking for a reliable, straight forward shop with ASE Certified experts who have been taking care of cars in Omaha and La Vista for over 30 years, feel free to book an appointment online right here on our website or give us a call at 402-932-0500! 

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