Wheel & Alignment

Wheels & Alignments service involves adjusting the angles of the wheels to the manufacturer's specifications, ensuring optimal tire wear, vehicle handling, and driving safety.

Wheel & Alignment explained

Wheels & Alignments refer to the maintenance service focused on adjusting the angles of a vehicle's wheels to ensure they are properly aligned according to the manufacturer's specifications. This service includes checking and correcting the wheel angles – camber, caster, and toe – to ensure that the wheels are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other.

Proper alignment is crucial for even tire wear, accurate steering, and stable handling.

At Gateway Auto - Service & Collision Center, we use advanced alignment technology to accurately adjust your vehicle's wheel alignment, enhancing your driving experience and extending the life of your tires.

When or why do you need it?

Wheels & Alignments Service is necessary when you experience uneven tire wear, your vehicle pulls to one side, or the steering wheel is off-center when driving straight. It's also recommended after hitting a significant pothole, curb, or following a collision.

Regular alignment checks are important for maintaining your vehicle's handling and tire health. Misalignment can lead to premature tire wear, decreased fuel efficiency, and handling difficulties.

At Gateway Auto - Service & Collision Center, our precise wheel alignment services ensure your vehicle drives smoothly, your tires last longer, and you experience optimal control and safety on the road.

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Frequently asked questions

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Can I visually check if my vehicle's alignment is off?

While you might notice uneven tire wear or the steering wheel not being centered, a professional check with our state-of-the-art alignment machine and expert team provides accurate measurements.

Can misaligned wheels lead to other problems in my vehicle?

Yes, misaligned wheels can put additional stress on suspension and steering components, leading to premature wear.

Can driving on rough roads lead to alignment issues?

Yes, driving on potholes or rough roads can lead to misalignment over time. It's recommended to get an alignment check if you frequently encounter such conditions.

How often should I have my vehicle's alignment checked?

We recommend having your alignment checked at least once a year or whenever you get new tires. If you hit a curb or notice handling issues, it likely also may be smart to check your wheel alignment.

Can I prevent wheel bearing issues through maintenance?

Regular maintenance, such as inspecting and greasing wheel bearings during routine service intervals, can help prevent premature wear and extend the lifespan of your wheel bearings.

Can I replace just one wheel bearing, or should I replace both on the same axle?

Replacing wheel bearings in pairs is not required. While it often may be a good idea since wheel bearings on the same axle will be under a similar amount of stress, it is alright to only replace one that is damaged.

Can unbalanced wheels lead to other problems in my vehicle?

Yes, unbalanced wheels can put extra stress on suspension and steering components, leading to premature wear.

How often should I have my wheels balanced?

We recommend having your wheels balanced whenever you install new tires, during routine tire rotations, or if you notice any vibrations.

Can I drive my vehicle with a bad wheel bearing?

Driving with a bad wheel bearing is not recommended as it can lead to further damage to the wheel hub, spindle, or other components. It's best to have the vehicle inspected and repaired as soon as possible.

Can a damaged wheel bearing cause safety issues?

Yes, a worn-out or damaged wheel bearing can compromise vehicle stability and handling, potentially leading to unsafe driving conditions. It's essential to have faulty wheel bearings repaired promptly to ensure safety.

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