Hail Damage Repair

Hail Damage Repair is a specialized service focused on repairing the dents, dings, and damage to a vehicle's exterior caused by hailstorms.

What is Hail Damage Repair?

Hail Damage Repair is a critical service provided by Gateway Auto - Service & Collision Center, designed to address and fix the unique damages caused by hail. Hailstorms can leave a vehicle with numerous dents, dings, and sometimes cracked or shattered glass.

Our approach to hail damage repair involves a variety of techniques, including paintless dent repair (PDR), which is effective for removing smaller dents without compromising the original paint. For more severe damage, traditional dent repair and repainting may be necessary.

Our skilled technicians assess the extent of the damage and employ the most appropriate methods to restore the vehicle’s surface to its original condition. This meticulous process not only focuses on cosmetic repair but also ensures the structural integrity of the vehicle is maintained.

When or why do you need it?

Hail Damage Repair becomes necessary after your vehicle has been exposed to a hailstorm, resulting in external body damage. Even minor hail impacts can lead to significant cosmetic flaws and potential long-term issues if not addressed promptly.

At Gateway Auto - Service & Collision Center, we recommend seeking hail damage repair immediately after such an event to prevent rust and other complications that can arise from untreated dents. Timely repair is also important for maintaining the vehicle's value and aesthetic appeal.

Our expert team is equipped to handle all levels of hail damage, ensuring that your vehicle not only looks its best but also retains its structural integrity and safety standards.

How can Gateway Auto help?

We believe quality shouldn’t break the bank. We understand the financial strain unexpected repairs can bring, so we provide competitive rates and financing without compromising on the quality of our top-notch mechanical and collision repairs.

Easy, hassle-free experience

Booking an appointment with Gateway Auto is as easy as a few clicks online or a phone call with our friendly team. Walk-in appointments are welcome for all free body repair estimates.

Omaha’s Choice for Hail Damage Repair Services

Whether you got caught in a hail storm or an accident on the freeway, we know how damage to your vehicle can interrupt your flow. After working in the body repair business for over two decades, we understand how to get you back on the road with quality body repair.

Gateway Auto joined an elite group of less than 15 percent of collision centers nationwide that have met I-CAR's rigorous Gold Class standard.

Body labor services performed are guaranteed against any defect in workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle.

Frequently asked questions

If it's a car, we'll fix it. If it's a question, we'll answer it.

Is hail damage repair covered by insurance?

Hail damage repair is typically covered under comprehensive auto insurance policies. We have decades of industry experience and work with all insurance companies, so we are happy to assist you with the claim process and work with your provider to ensure a smooth repair experience.

Will the repaired areas match the rest of the vehicle's paint?

Yes! If your vehicle's hail damage requires painting the repaired area, our skilled technicians will use advanced color-matching techniques and high-quality paint to ensure a seamless finish that matches the rest of the vehicle.

What is paintless dent repair (PDR), and when is it used?

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a technique used to remove minor dents and dings without the need for painting or fillers. It is ideal for shallow dents with intact paint and helps retain the vehicle's original factory finish.

Do you offer a free hail damage assessment?

Yes, we provide a free hail damage assessment to evaluate the extent of damage on your vehicle and recommend the appropriate repair solution. Stop by our body shop at 110th & Harrison to talk to a repair expert and receive a free estimate!

How can we help?

An FAQ section can only get you so far. Still have questions or want more information than what's provided in our FAQs? Our friendly team of experts is happy to help.

What is it like to get your damaged vehicle fixed by Gateway Auto?

Trusted, efficient and designed to keep you moving. We go the extra mile to make sure you're comfortable and confident throughout the entire repair process.

A rear view of a Gateway Auto service advisor answering the phone at the front desk

Free estimate

Our body repair estimates are completely free and available with no appointment necessary.

We work with all insurance companies and build every estimate with a state-of-the-art manufacturer database that ensures the utmost accuracy on pricing and procedure for every recommended repair and part.

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On-site rental car pickup and dropoff

We know getting damage to your vehicle can be stressful, so we take care of the logistics in an effort to keep your life in motion. Gateway Collision Center works with Enterprise Rent-A-Car and will setup a pickup and drop-off of your rental on-site at our location.

A computer monitor displaying a repair estimate with a technician preparing a vehicle to be painted in the background

Stay in the loop

We clearly communicate with you, sending updates as your vehicle moves through each stage of the repair process.

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We restore your ride

Get back on the road looking as good as new. With every service, your vehicle will get a final check and complimentary carwash + interior clean from our quality assurance team.

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Drive with peace of mind

Body labor services performed by Gateway Auto are protected by a lifetime service warranty, guaranteed against any defect in workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle.

All your automotive needs under one roof

Gateway Auto offers service, collision, fleet and quality vehicle sales under the same trusted brand to ensure you stay on the road with a team by your side.

After their first visit, our average customer has been returning to Gateway Auto for more than 10 years

Don't just take our word for it, check out our reviews and see what our customers have to say about the Gateway Auto experience.

Over 400+ 5 Star Reviews
More than 400 customer-submitted 5-star reviews
"They were awesome.  My car was repaired and back to us within a week of an accident.  They detailed the car at no extra cost to us."

Diane Stanton

Collision Center

"I got my bumper replaced after a fender bender and it now looks better than ever. Employees were nice and professional"

Sydney Meier

Collision Center

"I had some pretty significant hail damage and the team at Gateway took care of me and my cars needs. Such friendly works."

Edwin Iraheta-Retana

Collision Center

"Gateway repaired my SUV after some body damage and did a wonderful job. The people I dealt with were friendly and professional and the work was done well and on time. They even cleaned the car inside and out."

Darren Powell

Collision Center